A distillery founded on a dream and the courage to follow it.

In one way, it all began in the north east of Scotland, on a rain-soaked afternoon at Strathisla, the home of Chivas Regal and its delicious, single malt whisky. We — Tash and Fuzz — enjoyed a distillery tour and an afternoon of blending. It was grown-up chemistry at its best; it delighted our senses, and taught us that Tash has an incredible nose and tasting palate.


In another way, it began right here on our island of Tasmania at the south of the world. We fell in love by surprise, which helped us realise that a life well-lived might involve more than one journey. It also gave us the courage to explore previously undiscovered talents.


Then came 2020; it was time to give life a good shake. We toiled away with zest and courage, connecting botanicals to make delicious gin. There were laughs, lots of lessons learned and, ultimately, the production of a series of gins and a liqueur we are proud to call our own.


Everyone has different tastes and preferences, and these change – just like Tasmanian weather. Plan B gins are unique; it’s worth trying them all. They are adaptable, with carefully balanced flavours, so that no matter how you enjoy your drink, you will delight in that full-mouth feel.

This winter will see the release of our sloe gins, and you can rest assured we haven’t forgotten about whisky, the drink that started us on our journey.


And that, friends, is how our distillery was born. We called it, simply, Plan B.


What’s your dream?



Tash and Fuzz - Plan B Distillery

Tash & Fuzz